The workshop program

This workshop helps to acquire the right skills and mindset about business growth.

Topic Sub-topics


Is selling the opposite of buying?

What we want is business growth
‘Growth’ as an ‘organic’ feature
It has a side of deterministic
You know the next steps, you know the end, you know the final state


The science of gardening

Role of the soil
Role of the sun
Role of the water
How does it work in context with the customer journey


How to set up an algorithm of growth?

Defining sales process with value growth logic
How to build and tain sales teams. Defining a playbook
How to get the data?
How to train a model to learn and adapt


What is the value balance (introducing a use case: meal kit)

Creating and destroying value
Logical setup
Measure and manage
Identifying value indicators


Why do we need customer engagement

The customer supplier relationship, fighting for share of value added
Trust and distrust – strategy and tactics
The win-win potential, share a surplus
The new contractual level along the customer journey


Summary: A data structure to use that harmonizes with perception and subjective values

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