The conference topics

The style of the conference follows the topic. Methods are common, conditions are changing, workflow is unique. The topic of our conference requires intensity of participation. We want you to come home and know what to do. You will be exposed to use cases and take away useful learnings..

1 – Setting up your architecture

What do we expect from data? What is the difference between objective and subjective data? How does data correspond to the customer reality? How data leads to action. How to integrate with CRM and Automated Marketing?

2 – Finding and following your North Star

There is no single data point more important than the North Star. It is the point of reference that stands for the success of your business model. What is a good North Star? Rules and check lists.

3 – Fertility and Growth – ‘customer gardening’

The formula is: ‘zero churn’, ‘increasing stickiness’, growing volumes, cross selling with other products. Growth is not an absolute figure, but it frequently starts to take a leap with a new challenge.

Let’s go and get your ‘customer garden’ ready for fertility and growth!

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