About Metrinomics

Metrinomics is a specialist for ‘subjective data’ services. For us and our customers, subjective data is the essential substance in for measuring value creation. Value is only subjective. Without subjective data there is only guessing. With subjective data, value creation can be done by systems, apps or software.

We support our customers by establishing and maintaining subjective data flows that create actions for account teams, and fine tuning for CRM and Automated Marketing.

What our customers say about us:

“Metrinomics is very good at obtaining information, understanding it, and getting it in the right places. They took the knowledge of feedback-as-a-science, brought it into a company like ours, and helped us create alignment. It was an amazing experience seeing how Metrinomics can consult.“

Head of Business Excellence

“What others do is give you the numbers, but they are not inspiring. This is the big difference to Metrinomics. They helped us to organize and analyse the data so that it spoke to us. Our data came to life, in constant updates. That is what we really need.“

VP Customer Quality

“The clarity with which you bring your capabilities to the market, the logic that you use, the structured and rigorous way in which you do what you do, in all my years around the world, Metrinomics absolutely stands out as the clearest provider of that kind of service that I have ever met.“

CEO of an international consulting company, Singapore

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